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Hello! My name is John.

Owner/Operator of RestaurantWebsites.net

The computer guyThank you for visiting my website and your interest in the website services I provide. Your business, support, and satisfaction are my top priorities.

While I run many different website services, this one was specifically created for the restaurant industry. As a frequent "new restaurant seeker" it pains me to see any restaurant today that does not have their menu, photos, reviews, or details about their restaurant online.

Your website is where the decision is made!

Many potential customers search online and decide whether or not to try out your restaurant of move on to their trusted favorites. I do this every... single... weekend.

After years of frustration, I could not resist the process of wanting to offer afforable website services to restaurants. From what I continue to see online, it appears the struggles are ongoing, for many restaurant owners, to find decent website service options. I want to help!

Over the years I have met some great restaurant owners and enjoyed some spectacular food, but my mission is not over yet. Your restaurant should be next! Some things about me and what I want to provide your restaurant business:

  • Affordable One-on-One Service
  • Services start at $1 a day!
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • May do some work for coffee or snacks
  • Professional, with a sense of humor

The way business websites are created has changed a lot since I first started

The vast amount of cookie cutter and website builder templates has taken over the internet for a large portion of the small business community. Due to the low cost and DIY mentality of entrepreneurs, many choose these templates and simple website builders.

For your restaurant to stand out, you may need some customization at the very least.

Send me a message or give me a call at (330) 220-7888 to discuss your preferences.


Years of experience


Starting at $1 a day!


Client satisfaction rate

One simple phone call gets your new website started:

(330) 220-7888

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